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Cannabis Education and research Institute Created

Health and public policy experts who support the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the need for objective research have joined together to create the Cannabis Education and Research Institute (CERI), a non-profit organization based in Pennington.

CERI's mission is to advance unbiased, evidence-based research on the medicinal use of cannabis and to share reliable information with patients, clinicians, payers and policymakers.

"We are bringing our voices together to ensure that the value of medicinal cannabis is more widely known and understood " and that medicinal cannabis is available to those who could benefit from it," said David Knowlton, Chair and CEO of CERI.

"We've seen first hand how medicinal marijuana can change lives for the better," Knowlton said. "And we believe the best way to preserve access to medicinal cannabis is through reputable research -- research that could prompt third party payers to cover medical cannabis. Coverage of cannabis will be essential to sustaining the market for medical marijuana."

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